Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DeRidder Bound again

Well here it is 5:30 am and I'm at the TPA airport. Flight leaves for Houston Hobby at 6:40am. I have a 3 hour to 4 hour drive once I get to Houston. The town DeRidder is just over the Border of Texas and Louisiana.

I'm doing a follow up there to make sure we have the Lab interface working and to complete customization on the Sleep center and the Nuclear studies. If we can get that done then I will be happy.

Sorry for the lapse in posting. I was worn out from the Nablopomo posts of each day back in November.

This was to be my last trip for the year but We have decided to take the kids to Nashville to See Grams and Papa and I have a client there who agreed to training on Dec 27-28th. It will be nice to let the kids see Grams and Papa. They have missed seeing them. I think it's been almost a year.

I'm looking forward to some down time over the next few weekends and Friday starts it off with a game of Golf with Dad and Matthew. We are going to Country Club of Mt Dora to play 18 this Friday.

Hope I don't embarrass myself too much. I have not played since the outing with Dad, Matt, Chris and Michael a few months ago. Definitely need to get more golf in my life.

Oh Amy, Myself, Amy Brother Mark, Chris, Michael and Morgan all ran the Reindeer Run 5K a few weeks ago. I took a break form jogging for about a week to recuperate. I'll post some pics tonight. Morgan got Third place for Girls under Nine. Yeah Morgan!! And Morgan and Michael both ran the 5K faster than Mom and Dad did. I finished .001 seconds behind Amy.

Morgan and Michael also ran the Kids Fun Dash for 600 yards AFTER finishing the 5K. One of the Dad's was next to me was watching the races and he said man those kids are fast... I commented yeah and they just ran a5K too! "Holy Cow!" that's awesome was all he could say. I agreed... Holy Cow. Michael and Chris have been jogging this week and last so Hopefully the bug is catching. I hope Chris starts working out with his Fottball friends from school. They are all doing so well in scholl. I'm so blessed to have such smart children. I'm going to try to jog again three times this week. Depends on how cold it is in DeRidder.

I have a new client in NOLA !!. I think I can convince them to go live during Mardi Gras!! so Amy and I are Mardi Gras bound. Can't believe it took 46 years for me to be able to go to Mardi Gras.

Common Ground Health Clinic is a free clinic that was started during Hurricane Katrina. They have a website. They are not too fond of FEMA or the current Administration so this should be a fun few weeks there. Rubbing elbows with ultra Liberals. Blech I need a shower just thinking about it. Should be fun we will have to see and reserve judgement till the project is done. This was all donated Software and Hardware by Allscripts, Dell, Fujitsu, HIMSS, and is the second project I have the privilege of installing in NOLA for the "Phoenix" project that HIMSS set up last year at HIMSS New Orleans. We are looking to get them live by the Next HIMSS in Orlando the end of February.

I have a few Florida accounts now which is a great wat to break up the weekly travel out of town. It was nice to be home last week and drive to a client. I have a new cliet that is less than 5 miles form home... MAn that will be nice. I will defenitely milk that one for all it's worth.

Take care catch y'all later.