Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moriarty's Pub wings in Philly

I'm in Philly this week and working with a Urology client up here. Arrived Monday and spent Tuesday working with a new client (or soon to be new client ) in King of Prussia. Afternoon was a kick off call with a new Palm Beach FL client for 30 mins and then training or basic navigation and progress note creation for my latest client at Hahneman hospital. Charley from Boston was in town and we decided to go to Moriarty's Irish Pub from a recommendation by the 10th floor grill bartender at the Hilton Garden Inn. Great suggestion! The wings are awesome. Definitely the best wings in Philly and best I have had in a few years. Very large and meaty and a nice sauce. Not too spicy and not too tame. We had some colorful Waiters tonight. She was in training and he was her mentor. He was funny and she was just plain smoking hot... Ok enough of that lets get back to the wings.

Nice Pub. Located on Walnut about 4 blocks from my hotel. Straight down 11th for 4 blocks then right on Walnut and cross over to the left side of the street and bada-bing there is the Moriarty's sign in nice bright French Blue neon. Charley and I both had the wings. They were large and filling we did not have room for anything else. The other nice thing about Irish pubs is they have 20 ways to drink Guinness. I had a Black Velvet which is Woodchuck Cider and Guinness. I first ordered a snake bite which I thought was Cider and Guinness but ended up being Cider and Sam Adam's. Oh well like all manly men I drink my mistakes. Then came the wings and the Black Velvet. Nice Combo if I may say so myself. I also had a call from Kip Kelly today. Kip is a friend from when was 15 and we were teen terrors at Wintergreen ski resort in Va. Was hoping to hang with him Wednesday but need to take a rain check till the end of the month due to his wife having a Lacrosse meeting. (Only in the Mid Atlantic). Had a fun night and highly recommend the Hilton Garden Inn at 1100 Arch Street as Well as Moriarty's. Might go to Dimitri's at 3rd and Catherine Wednesday night since i'm bacheloring it.