Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's Wrong with this picture?

In 24 years of Travel I have yet to see a handicap spot painted with the customary handicap logo sporting spokes on the wheels. What next Craiger Mags! Too funny.. I went down the next morning and checked it out they were hand painted.

World Series Trophy on a south west flight from Tampa to Philly. The Trophy awesome. No I don't know the guy holding the Trophy so quit sending me emails asking...

Philly Hotel goes a little far in creative hand towel art in the Bathroom.

Biker with a skateboard strapped to his back. Is he called a Biker-Boarder or a Boarder-Biker?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Letter to Mo at camp from her pets stuck at home with Dad.

Woof, Woof, Woof, Pant Pant Pant.. Chase my tale, chase my tail.

Hey Morgan that's what I have been doing all day today. In case you didn't know; this is Sophie, your Beagle. :-)

I woke everyone up at 7:30 today so I could go to the bathroom and then I enjoyed chewing on a bone while that tall guy worked at his desk where I like to chew all the small stuff on his desk.
Then I went on the run out back and had the best time. Oh my gosh that's my favorite thing other than sniffing the grass. I stayed outside for awhile and then that Kid Chris came out to watch me. He said there was an Alligator in the water. Are those fun to play with?
Any way. I hear you are at camp in the woods and can run around. Running is my favorite thing. Some times I get excited and run around the house, It's my favorite thing. I chased Tally and Pepper today. It's my favorite thing. I even tried to chase that old cat that pukes, but he just hissed at me. I love it when he hisses at me ... It's my favorite thing. Gotta go my paw is getting cramped and I see there is a chew bone on my bed. I love chewing bones … oh I tried to chew your new pink sneakers but that tall guy told me NO! And I ran around barking. That's my favorite thing to drive that tall guy crazy!!

OK... enough of that stinky dog... This is Bugsy... YAK! I'm not pewking … YAK! I'm just allergic to cat hair... Yak! . Please tell me you.... why that tall guy put those dryer sheets on my favorite chairs? I can't stand the smell and won't go near them now. Hope you see lots of bird up there I love looking out the window at birds. YAK!... Oh man I hope I can sleep on those chairs soon I'm tired.

Ah it's so relaxing on this glass dining table... Yikes ! The tall guy chased me away. How Rude. I'll just lay on this glass table in the family room. Dang! He chased me again. OK I'm going to climb on the counters and rub on the Mothers day plate. Wow.. That tall guy likes to tell me NO and to “Get Down” does that mean he wants to see me dance? I think I need to scratch on his door at 6:00am and ask if he wants to watch me get down now. Ok I'll go watch the frog in the window... Dang now that Beagle is chasing me. See you later. Love Tally...

OK I have basically been sleeping on your bed in your room all day loving the peace and quiet when this Beagle runs up and starts messing with me. So I ran around and hissed at her and she chased me downtairs. The tall guy gave us some Turkey in Gravy it was good... But Bugsy came and ate my last nice morsel. Dang... Then the Beagle licked the bowl. I'm not gonna say what the Beagle ate from the litter box... Yuck... I jumped on your desk but did not see my favorite website on your laptop so I jumped down. I think I'll go sleep on you bed again. Have fun at camp. Pepper.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday on the Boat with the Boys

Sunday the Boys and I went on the boat and had a blast. We went to Shell Island , Egmont Key and then anchored off of the Tradewinds for an hour or so and watched the Rays game at Ricky "T"'s. Had a blast and will post pictures.