Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Famous People You meet on Layovers

Yes my friends that is the one and only, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. I had the most horrific layover in houston. Horrific because the bar closed at 11:30pm and the flight left at 1:30AM. Thus 2 hours with out bar service. :-)

But low and behold who did I meet but THE HAMMER. I actually saw this guy from across the bar and said. "I bet he is a pro westler" He just had that look about him and he looked vaguely familiar.

We had a blast and I bought him a shot of crown and he invited me to work out at his gym in clearwater/largo. (I think my gift was much better )

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dinner at Whisques

Tonight I had Dinner at Whisques. Nice restaurant on the West Side of ABQ. They have mesquite grilled steaks and seafood. Website is http://www.whisque.com/Menu.aspx The Kobe Sliders were great. I hear they make a great mojito. Did not try one tonight. Had a fun filled day of teaching customization. The Doctors are fun to work with and you can tell they love their job. You forget how dry it is here compared to Tampa. I wake up with a stuffy nose and dry lips Yuck! Guess you would acclimate after a few months. I really enjoy coming to Albuquerque. Nice people they have a very laid back attitude.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ABQ Bound... Look out Garcia's here I come!!

Headed to Albuquerque New Mexico today! I'm excited! I get to see tall mountains, breath air from 6,000 ft. and eat great southwestern food. Man nice combo that is! Right!.

So I land and get my car from budget. The Bus driver was not talkative at all. She had on a Santa hat and I mentioned "Nice Hat"... Not a word. Hmmm Must be a deaf /mute? Not sure if that is even politically correct to use any more. Woman behind me by 2 minutes says the same thing and same reaction. Not a word. Guess she is tired of hearing "Nice Hat" Must be required to wear it and hates it I guess.... people are so funny.....

So I make the b-line to The Original Garcia's and order some green chili stew, Carne Adovada and fresh tortillas. MMM man what a nice reminder of why I like this town. The green chile stew is awesome and the Carne Adovada is nice tender chunks of slow roasted pork in a red sauce. Great to dip the fresh flour tortillas into the stew and the adovada. The tortillas are big and thick and fresh.

Website has their menu: http://www.garciaskitchen.com/

Worth a stop if you are in ABQ!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blog back online

Wanted to let everyone know My blog is back up and online again. Check out my EMR Install map it's still growing.

Here is a nice link to a Christmas greeting.


Reminds me of all the great times spent in Virginia making snowmen and playing in the snow. No way to do that in Florida. I'm looking forward to a trip to Albuquerque next week to see some snow!