Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ABQ Bound... Look out Garcia's here I come!!

Headed to Albuquerque New Mexico today! I'm excited! I get to see tall mountains, breath air from 6,000 ft. and eat great southwestern food. Man nice combo that is! Right!.

So I land and get my car from budget. The Bus driver was not talkative at all. She had on a Santa hat and I mentioned "Nice Hat"... Not a word. Hmmm Must be a deaf /mute? Not sure if that is even politically correct to use any more. Woman behind me by 2 minutes says the same thing and same reaction. Not a word. Guess she is tired of hearing "Nice Hat" Must be required to wear it and hates it I guess.... people are so funny.....

So I make the b-line to The Original Garcia's and order some green chili stew, Carne Adovada and fresh tortillas. MMM man what a nice reminder of why I like this town. The green chile stew is awesome and the Carne Adovada is nice tender chunks of slow roasted pork in a red sauce. Great to dip the fresh flour tortillas into the stew and the adovada. The tortillas are big and thick and fresh.

Website has their menu: http://www.garciaskitchen.com/

Worth a stop if you are in ABQ!!

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