Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Open Arms

OK to those of you who have read and commented on my blog entry about India and China. Know that it was a form of comic relief... Come on you have to admit many were funny. This was written in the space of 45 minutes.... And was due to an email I received. I'm tired of hearing how today's kids are not going to compete against kids from China and India. I have 4 very intelligent kids and know they will face awesome competition for college etc... But, we are not the Greatest Democracy on the face of the earth because of luck. It takes many centuries of hard work and mostly an entrepreneurial spirit to get to where we as a country are today. Many brave people explored, this country, raised families and gave their life's work to create companies and advance ideas that were once dreams of theirs.

America has always had open arms and accepts all people of any country... NOT just the best and brightest. America is a GREAT country due in large part to our Freedom, the constitution, and the ability for free people to be creative and grow, by not being under the thumb of an oppressive empire.

Neither China nor India have been able to duplicate this effort. And for that matter Russia and any other country.

I'm not saying we are better. Just different in a way that encourages growth, and the entrepreneurial spirit. I don't see where this has been duplicated anywhere with the exception of maybe Israel. The UK has bounced back recently too. And this is THE MAIN attraction that brings many of the worlds best and brightest to our country to learn and live and raise a family.

There are many industrious people who bring great talent and knowledge to this country but you have to wonder why they are not as successful in their home country?

I think there are obvious reasons and some that are not so clear. China is not a free society. You are property of the state over there. India has too much ingrained racism. I know they call it a Cast system.. But come on it's just another name for racism. Apartheid was similar. We had similar prejudice in this country back in the early years of the 1600's-1800's and the 1900's were where a change started... We have a way to go as well.

Ask any Indian and you will understand why you can almost always tell what a person does for a living and what Cast they are in depending on their last name. Also the cast determines who you may marry. I often did genealogy with my mother as a young child and there were similarities with this in America and Europe as well. Last name of Miller meant you created mills etc.

Now I do like the fact that marriage is often delayed till later in your 20's or early 30's in India. I still don't understand the need to get married and raise kids right out of high school but we still have millions that do that over here.

If my mother and Father lined me up with 6-10 women to pick one to possibly marry that would have been pretty cool... But I can tell you I would have had nothing to do with it... When I was in my 20's.

If you operate from a stand point that anything man can conceive he can achieve.... you get close to the entrepreneurial spirit that makes America great. If you give freedom and stand back and watch creative people do what they do best you get amazing results. From freedom comes great industry and invention.

I admire poeple from all countries who come here to make a better life for themselves. I just can't help but wonder what is hampering this same person from doing the same in ther home country. IF we could raise the level in all countries what a great future we would hold indeed.

I meet many Indian and Pakistani Doctors and professionals who have come to practice Medicine in America. I like them alot... Friendly, polite as well as well educated, and very strong family values. I have never shared a bit of knowledge with an Indian or Pakistani and been told I was a smart alec. They thirst for knowledge and seem to understand that all knowledge is good and openly share this with whomever they meet. I often found that throughout my life I was so proud to share my knowledge with others.. only to be considered arrogant or a know it all... All I wanted to do was share knowledge not make you feel like you were not as smart or to be a show off.

I just wonder how much their country could benefit if they brought back what they have learned here. You just can't stop asking... Why can't they do as well at home?

I'm amazed at how quickly all that America has to offered is absorbed by many who move here to better their life. Multiple jobs, schools, degrees... Etc. I think they are on the right track by emphasizing education. Now if we could just get that Lame Charlie Crist from Florida to get education as his top priority maybe Florida could graduate 90% of it's young people instead of the paltry amount we do now. http://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/2007/pdf/24_2007.pdf

Monday, January 21, 2008

USA - China - India

Ok... I'm REALLY tired of hearing this crap about how much better India and China are than the US of A... Ok? I get bombarded every friggin day about how we are going to be losing major industries to China and India and how we the US of A will end up being a third world country in just a few short years.

First ... This is BULLCRAP!! And I will take a few minutes of my very valuable time to discuss this with you few unfortunate souls reading my blog at 4 am.

We are inundated with how stupid and unprepared all our kids are out of high school going into college and how we will end up being second class to India and China.

Here are a few irrefutable points to mull over.

1. I have yet to meet ANY person who is heading over to India or China to open an Office as a Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, engineer, etc, etc because he / she can make more money in India or China.

2. I have never heard of a break through Medication discovered in India or China.... or even Russia, Mexico or Canada for that matter.....

3. I have yet to see an industry changing surgical procedure or mathematical formula that was credited with an Indian or Chinese discoverer. OK Russia had an eye surgeon that was cool.

4. When we have a mad Exodus of Physicians and intellectuals (Engineers, Mathematicians, Scientists) going over to India or China and they start standing in line waiting for H1 Visas to get into that country to be an indentured servant for 5 years ... Let me know because we might have 20 more years before we have a trend.

5. I have never heard of 1 person who sells everything to go to the promised land of India , China, Mexico, or Russia to live the good life and leave the squalor of America. Not 1!!

6. Bill Gates did not even graduate from college.... !!! He was a dumb, stupid retro bate according to some new criteria now that says you have to have a masters degree or better to amount to anything.

7. Every day I hear about all the top colleges in India, China and Russia that students are lining up to get into... So much so that Brigham Young University, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, USC, UCLA, The Ivy league in general, the Pac 10, Big 10, SEC, ACC etc etc. Colleges don't even compare. Give me a break. you can get a better education at a community college than most non USA Colleges.

8. All the rich Saudi kids are going to India and China now to study, computer science, engineering, medicine etc. ( Yeah right .... Dream on brother.... ).

9. The Global economy is reacting to market trends in India. Hmmm. Whats the name of their stock market? London is Footsie, France is CAC, I know Hong Kong... Yang see or what ever... Never heard of the Indian Stock Market and all the earth shattering IPO's going on over there.

10. When will Europe be concerned that an Indian in India, can't buy a house due to a credit crunch or a housing market fluctuation???... Give me a break!!...

11. The world shudders when India and China have off years at the hectic Christmas shopping season over there... (Yeah right!!)

12. What ever happened to Japan? They were going to kick our ass and take names later... Did they fall off the map? Are they on Mars now?

13. Kids in India or China say.. "Daddy is everything made in the USA"?? since outsourcing to the USA is cheaper than making it in China and India due to labor costs.

14. The Indian film industry just blows away all American films and grosses more than any American Film Company. (Actually insert any American industry and you get the same question)

15. I'm a China man In China and I call my electronic gadget support desk and get some hayseed in the middle of Alabama who trys to answer my question but I can't understand them due to their outsourcing accent.

16. That Indian Software conglomerate ______, which I hate so much, gets another $200.oo out of me so I can buy their latest operating system, upgrade or newest gadget... ( Insert favorite Indian or Chinese company).

17. Hot American Women are marrying all these Filthy Rich Indian and Chinese men and are moving to India and China to raise passels of kids because they are such hot catches ....

18. Business news channels are now broadcasting 24 hour a day and 365 days per year from China and India....

19. The hottest sports car is made in India and the most admired CEO is a Chinese CEO of a company that is Chinese founded, funded and deeply rooted in the business history of China. (And it does not have it's root in slavery... etc.)

20. Paris Hilton moves to China or India to be with the cool hip people.

21. India and China are constantly bailing our ass out of natural disasters like Hurricanes,( tsunami's) and earthquakes... Because we are too dumb to even train a cadaver dog....

22. All Major Industries in America can trace their origins back to an Indian or Chinese Company.

23. The international jet set flocks to China and India to Ski, Gamble and relax at their million dollar villas for a few weeks.

24. More Billionaires and Millionaires are being made every day in China and India than the good old US of A....

25. I know the name of the leader of China and India. ... Nope never heard of them... Guarantee they all know George W is the leader of the free world.

26. Israel starts buying military armaments from India and China because they are more high tech, hot and sexy than the US stuff.

27. The Indian and Chinese Military are routinely mentioned in US Military training Videos and are the ones to look out for and not mess with since they are so well trained....

28. People in India or China have a cork message board in their office with the first Indian/Chinese dollar bill they ever made pinned to it....

29. The best place to send your kid after graduating from high school to get a world class education is India or China.

30. Michael Moore creates a documentary in China or India out lining how much better the health care is in the USA than India or China....

31. The Indian and Chinese $100.00 bill equivalent is the most forged currency in the world.

32. There is a black market in the US funded by Chinese and Indian currency since it is more valuable.

33. Indians and Chinese are coming to America to Adopt American children and save them from a life of poverty.

34. The UN moves to India or China.

35. Osama Bin Laden declares Jihad on the Great Satan of China or India....

36. American speak Chinese or Hindu since it is the international language of business.

37. The best quality aircraft are made in China and India. (Please give me a break!!)

38. Hugo Chavez ships free oil to the inner cities of India and China to embarrass the leaders of the free world.

39. When China or India need a great programmer at bagain prices they turn to the USA to get that filled.

40. Chinese and Indian computers blow ones made in the US of A away.

OK that's Fourty... I'll take a break now.

I agree we need to tweek the education in the country. I also agree the Middle school and High school years are the most important.