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Just plain Lazy?

I had a very long, verbose reply from Cadiz12 to my most recent blog. Her reply to me that America was not fair on its Visas and immigration was to point to a young Korean Girl in New York who is stuck in limbo... Evidently this Korean girls parents moved to the Miami area when she was 3. Her parents came here on an H1 Visa for her father to work in the country. H1 Visas allow you to work in the country but you are not granted citizenship. She's now in her twenties or thirties and laments how her younger brother was born into citizenship while here in America. Yet she is now stuck in Limbo as a Legal Alien since she did not get citizenship via her parents getting citizenship or getting it on her own.

Sounds like she has forgotten that she was able to take advantage of the Public school system while here as well as a better standard of living and not to mention a little better weather in Miami than her home country of Korea. If her parents obtained citizenship prior to her 18th birthday she would have been grandfathered in with them and the issue is closed. You would think a little urgency may have set in if she intended to stay here and achieve citizenship. She seems to have lost her lucky brake by letting so many years go by comfortable in the life that America offers. Now she laments basically her laziness of not taking care of an issue for what 15 years? Looks like she needs to look no further than herself or her parents...

Of course she is complaining about not getting jobs due to her status. This does not prevent her from starting her own business or consulting? Not sure where we need to feel sorrow for a person who basically lacks drive or desire to map out a strategy to stay here. Genius is not the first word that pops into my mind when I read her whiny post. FYI Cadiz... I interviewed a Peruvian National today who moved here with Her Asian Peruvian Husband about 20 years ago and went through the same situation. Her husband came here on a Student Visa to attend Med School. They however, understood the importance of obtaining citizenship prior to her oldest son turning 18. She remarked that 9/11 was the impetus of her conversion but is now glad she did it since her children are all now citizens. (In this same office is a German Native who has desired to retain her German citizenship and continues to renew her Visa.) This woman also has a brother from Peru here on a business visa. He has a business in Peru and opened one here in the US. He maintains both as a requirement to retain his Business visa. Her Uncle stayed in Peru to run the Peruvian Branch for her brother while he is here to run the US branch and obtain US citizenship. She has brought her niece over and plans to bring another niece as well as her mother and uncle. She stated this process will take about 10 years. So there are many routes available to US Citizenship.

I have a few Indian nationals I know (And often go out with for stimulating conversations, bowling etc.)that work on H1 Visas at my wife’s company and they are very diligent and precise on when they need to do specific paperwork etc to go to the next step. All of these people learned the rules and mapped out a strategy rather than rely on a future Amnesty program and just hit the bars partying rather than get their homework done.

Cadiz also posted a link to that interesting Youtube video about how shift happens. In this video it states some remarkable predictions... Many I think are a little off... but pay attention to the slides that state that China and India have more Honors students than we have students... Hmmm what the hell do they do with all these gifted people? If this small little country we call the United States of America can generate a robust economy so awe inspiring that these gifted students all flock to us maybe we need to again contemplate what is not working in their country? Especially since the 25% to 28% of their country has higher IQ's than all of the US.. Hmm Guess Freedom and hard work are paying off over here. What the hell are all these High IQ geniuses doing over there? Booking flights to America?

Cadiz also rants about racism and the wrong side of the tracks and how poor kids are stuck joining the military. Sounds like a Kerry Supporter... You forgot to mention that your Korean Girlfriend could also join the military and through her service to this country obtain US citizenship. If she is so against doing her homework a and getting her citizenship herself or marrying for citizenship maybe she can serve her adopted country with Military service and get the gift of citizenship in return? Sounds fair to me. I live in Tampa where we have MacDill airforce base. I work and socialize with many friends who are in the Army, Marines, Navy or Airforce. I've yet to meet one person in the military I would consider from the wrong side of the tracks. Many have Masters Degrees or higher and are hardworking family people who also volunteer their time for Scouting, Baseball etc. Many are deployed for months or longer yet I never hear them complain about it.

Check out the wikipedia entry for some sobering stats... at just how many people worldwide are flocking here for a chance at a better life. Did you forget that 9/11 occurred? We have to restrict our immigration policies due even more due to an attack on our sovereign nation. I think Bill Clinton said it best when a heckler screamed at him that 9/11 was an inside job. Hope you are not a follower of these whacky theories, which are obvious stunts pulled by america haters....
The US of A should be special and dear to you, to become a US Citizen should mean something. You should not be able to steal citizenship by sneaking in the back door.

I think the Korean girl with the immigration problem should be thankful that she is here. If not head back to South Korea and help take care of Kim Jung Il so we don't have to clean up her old neighborhood for her. Cadiz you may want to remind you friend Jinius that there is a DMZ that is staffed by the greatest of American citizens, whom you denegrate by referring to them as from the wrong side of the tracks, that stand point to protect Jinius's former homeland from the Mad man to the North.

How embarrassing that she sits here and complains while taking full advantage of all America has to offer. I'm sure Millions would trade places with her. At least a few million REAL geniuses from India and China....

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