Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Panera in a Pinch for your corporate training center!

Panera was turned into our corporate training center at my recent visit to a client in Deerfield Beach Florida. This client has such a secure site for their multiple businesses that we could not get an outbound connection to our training server hosted in Cary. We had to go "off Campus" to a Panera and use their free wifi. I think I drank more Lattes that one day than the past 4 months combined.. Thanks to the quick thinking of the office staff we saved the day by relocating to Panera. Yeah!

The Dr was a trooper through the whole process. We secured a training site for the next few days at a Hilton hotel nearby. The training was a success and we are well on our way to getting a nice install at this site in Deefield beach. Favorite hotel to stay at is the Doubletree in Boca Raton. Nice place and great rates for a newly renovated hotel. And you can't beat the free cookies either!

Great Local restaurants...

The Grill on Congress


Neighborhood Sports Bar and Grill


Blue Fin Sushi (Sushi and Thai... YUM!)


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