Friday, May 2, 2008

A practice that lives up to their name!

I had a great time implementing this practice! Two nurse practitioners at this Family practice are friends from high school and Nursing school. They have a fun office staff and take extra time to make sure each patient gets special attention from the all female staff.

I had to stay in in the next town over and commute 5 miles each day to the site but I also picked up a few new restaurant as well. golden Rule BBQ. A Local Alabama original with great ribs and sauces. Unique history as well.. May need to look at a Florida Franchise... Top O the River Catfish Restaurants. I ate at the Guntersville , AL store. Nice fried pickles... Great seafood! The Hampton Inn in Ft Payne is the only hotel worth staying in at this location. They also had a Ruby Tuesday's and a Steak restaurant.
Golden Rule BBQ - Great Ribs and sauces!
Top O the River Catfish restaurant in Guntersville, AL.

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