Thursday, March 27, 2008

Plant City Florida known for great Strawberries!

My two latest EHR prodigies! These two guys have a nice office in Central Florida. They are in an aggressively growing urban area in Central florida. Nearby Plant City is know for its' Strawberries in the Spring and Tomatoes all year long. They are also home to the Strawberry Festival in February. (Check out the Strawberry festival site! Click on the Royalty tab when you get to the site... That's cracking me up with the Royalty tab.. !!)
The city had the parade down our street while we were customizing a few weeks ago. We were shut ins due the the parade going right down our street so we made sure a drug rep brought lunch that day to keep us nourished during the jam session of template production!
the Lead Dr. is no stranger to the Healthmatics EMR from A4. He went through Family practice residency with 3 doctors I took live on Healthmatics 3 years ago in Jacksonville. (Queue the "It's a Small World" music!) This is the fourth client I have had where they all had ties to the Same Residency class from St Vincent's in Jacksonville.
The Dr did the research for the other Dr's and chose Healthmatics. He has been instrumental in securing 3 or 4 customers for us without even owning his own EMR at the time! (He was still a resident at St Vincent's in Jacksonville) The Dr. recently left a large clinic in Central Florida who has been seeing a sudden decrease in their physician staffing due to a rough transition to their EMR. Seems like workflow was not well thought out and customization was not put in place soon enough to allow for a smooth transition. You hate to see that regardless of who the vendor is... Hopefully they get it turned around ... This has been the 4th Physician I have heard who left that clinic to go solo and purchased the EMR I implement.
Both Dr's were quick studies and they have learned to customize and are getting a nice head start while they are building their practice. We already have the LabCorp interface up and going at Go-Live and they just need to set their webpage up to get the Patient portal running. He should have fun over the next few weeks getting all the toys tweaked. The new practice also purchased all the bells and whistles from Midmark with the Spirometer and EKG that can interface to the EMR.
I'm excited for them I always enjoy working for a new start up practice. This is my 4th start up practice to install this year and I have had 10 or 11 start ups in the past year. I have 2 more new start up practices that I was just assigned this week so I'm looking forward to the initial setup of these offices and watching them grow. It's a nice change from the established offices withtheir mountains of patient charts on an intricate chart rack system and years of consistent scanning ahead of you. Nothing better than a new office with no chart rack in site!! Love those offices!!

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