Thursday, September 13, 2007

Athens Go-Live Southern Food for Lunch at last!

Well the Windridge Family practice in Athens Georgia went live today on Allscripts Healthmatics EHR. They did a great job and even sent a few e-prescriptions today. We also had a few e-prescribe refills which was exciting.

The best news however was that I got to get my southern meal after all. I convinced the group at the office to all go to Peaches fine foods for Lunch. We all car pooled to Peaches fine foods and this place is something.

We were about 11 strong and when that many people come in to a place it usually provides some chaos. They serve cafeteria style so this was pretty fast for our group. They serve a meat and 2 vegetable lunch and it's all southern food. The Meats today we could pick from: Hamburger Steak with Gravy, Fried Chicken, Lemon chicken or pork chop.

I got the Hamburger steak on White rice with gravy. My sides? Mac and Cheese and Turnip greens of course. I also got the sweet tea and some Sweet potato puddin for dessert ( Sweet Potato pie where we come from). The food was great they had young girls who would take your tray and carry it to the table for you and then they would fetch tea or lemonade for you when you needed a refill. Nothin like a step and fetchit for dinner (Lunch for you and me.... and dinner here is supper)

We were all able to sit together which was great. They also had Bruce's hot peppered vinegar and hot sauce on the table... which were perfect on the turnip greens. They also had Green Beans (did not look as good as Miss Ruth's ) Lima beans and Yams. The sweet tea was good and not too sweet.

I would rate this a little higher than Weaver D's for setup speed of service and size to accomodate larger parties. Weaver D's did have yummy Broccoli Casserole and collards that were really good. Weaver also makes his own hot peppered vinegar and it is much better than Bruce's (Sorry Bruce's Louisiana peppered vinegar) and Weaver also has a great cookbook I highly recommend..... But I think I had a much better experience at Peaches than at Weaver D's. Peaches is much faster on the service line and they really get you through the line fast. Dr Earhart also filled me in that the owner of Peache's the dude working the register was a former Georgia Linebacker back in the early 90's.

When we got back at the office we all needed a nap.... but it was great!

I just did Applebee's next door tonight for dinner and watched the WVU-MD game on the big screen. They had a ton of Plasma TV's for an Applebee's.

Can't wait to head to Raleigh for the Misys reunion tomorrow. Worked at Misys for 13 years and that's where I met Amy. We should have fun and it's always good to see old friends from Misys.

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