Sunday, September 9, 2007

Football Sunday

Well it's finally football sunday. The wife is at church being a greeter... Wings and beer are at a sports bar... now that I can be a greeter at.... +:-)

Tampa Bay Bucs lost to the Seahags.. Washington won over Miami.

My Cougars of BYU lost to UCLA... even though they wiped the floor of the Rose bowl using the UCLA defense as Bar Keepers Friend with their BYU offense as a rag. It was too hard to overcome the 2 turnovers for touchdowns. They lost by 10 points 27-17...

I was able to get caught up on laundry and posting to my blog today. Hoping to hear about my MRI results before I take my trip to Athens GA on Tuesday.

Per Mark my bro-in-law a call to GOD is a local call in Athens GA. I'm going to check and see if GOD is even listed in the phone book. I'm betting it's an unlisted number in Athens. And as we say back in Provo.... Call all you want the line's busy, he's talking to Bronco Mendenhall the coach at BYU about next week's game. =:-o

Looking forward to another dinner at Harry Bisetts and a few other local hangouts in Athens. I'll be sure to post the reviews and the outrageous travel stories.

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