Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Post And it's also my Birthday!!

Well I was told i need to beef up my first post so here goes. Today is my birthday and I turned the Big 40! Plus 5 of course.... My son shares a birthday with me as well and now that I'm an old geezer the focus is on Michael as it should be.

It sounded neat when we were getting him induced 10 years ago to share a birthday with my son. But we also have the same first and last name as well.... so I'm sure it will cause him documentation nightmares in the future when he goes to get a licenses to drive and has to first payoff my old speeding and parking tickets... :-) Just kidding buddy my record is clean as far as I know.

It's been great watching the kids grow up and progress through the years. I still don't know how my parents raised 8 kids and we all survived (so far)...

Now I did not celebrate my birthday in Cancun like my 40th... Remind me to tell you that story a little later. I ended up taking Michael and the family to Sam Seltzer's at the Mall. My son's choice of course so I guess you could say Michael took me to dinner. (I didn't mind so much when I got there and saw the kid's eat free offer...) Now the only trick was getting them to order off the kid's menu and not the adult menu and make it sound fun rather than getting the short end of the stick and I was set... Of course my loving wife graciously bailed me out and picked up the check after all. Thanks Amy. How long till my next birthday?

Michael now fancies himself a food connoisseur and burgeoning chef so he is going more upscale this year with the slow migration from Chuck E Cheese to Joto's to Sam seltzer's Maybe next year we can go to my favorite of all mid level moderate priced eating establishments... Bone Fish Grill. Sure beats the past 2 years at Joto's the Japanese steak place with the Not so funny hibachi cook, $10.00 Mai Tai's and a guaranteed $150.00 Tab.

The Prime rib at Sam's was good and I also liked the Wings and Ribs appetizer. The ribs were baby back in a sweet sauce and the wing sauce was on the mild side. Of course I only got 2 of each as my Daughters Katie and Morgan professed a new found liking for Wings and Ribs and this was news to me but left me wanting more after sharing 75% of my appi with those 2 starved rug rats.... Love both of ya... Obviously I need to be more devious in my appi order next time... maybe get the Hot sauce on the wings and the dry rub on the ribs... or just lick all of the ribs as soon as the plate touches the table thus claiming the whole rack as mine... ( The international sign for I claim this food as mine and you can't touch it is to lick it we all know that folks!!)

The Ceasar salad was decent but as always had lots of stale bread. (Croutons... Satan spawned stale bread from the bottom of the bread bin and stored on top of the grill till it dries out to rock hard toughness) Croutons still cause me night terrors from when I was a Chef apprentice in Washington DC. Now... I.... prefer.... adding a little Crumbled Danish Bleu cheese ....a sliced Heart of Palm, Cherrie tomatoes and some Pine nuts and bang you got a nice Salad. (Wham is copyrighted by that chef dude) Yeah Baby! Maybe some pickled beets and feta to go the greek way.

Anyway the son picked an ice cream cake from carvel. It was a whale cake and the daughter's had to fight over who got the whale's eye... ( One Solo Blue M&M). Next time tell the cake maker to add 4 eye's. Michael of course said nah next time I'm getting an 8 eyed octopus... That'll work too of course. Well I'm all excited about my son's first football game tomorrow. That should be fun.

I have to say this was a great day.. I;m elated that I was home to share it with my family and not stuck in some hotel in a different time zone... I'm looking forward to many more old geezer day's to come.

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