Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Invasion of Ft Desoto

Today Morgan's Cheerleading team invaded Ft Desoto PArk. I made sure we had plenty of shade and brought the First up pop-up shade along. $79.88 at Wal-Mart. Can't beat it.

Of course everyone flocked to it... so make sure you set up your chairs first and use a few coolers to block out traffic and keep people to one side.

It was hot and the water was nice. The sand is very smooth once you get out a few feet. I have never been to the east beach .. I usually go to the Western beach. The East beach is more like being on a large lake since it is on Tampa Bay were the bay passes under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I of course had to mention to Amy that there have been a number of people who have jumped off and died. Police offeicers often report cars that are stopped on the side with no occupants . They find the bodies washed up days later. They used to have a jumper pool. Still amazed at how many people still do it. the Western beach is full of Kite Surfers

Ft Desoto was named a #1 Beach at it was most likely the western beach that garneded this award.

Well back to more fun stuff. The picnic was great! However when I came back to my Shady spot there was a large hump of sand resembling a volcano and my daughter was in a chair watching. I asked if she said it was ok to do that and she replied no she tried to stop them.

I asked them why don't you go dig in the sun and make a sand castle. They replied "It's hot in the sun it's nice and cool here". I asked them to please stop and one replied we are not stopping until it is as tall as Kylie. I looked at the smallest girl in the group and said hey come here Kylie.

I then had her stand in the deepest pit that had been dug to fund the volcano and measured her head to the top of the mound. Look! I said mission accomplished it's as tall as Kylie. That influenced 3 of the 6 to leave. The little girl turned to me and said... "But I'm not Kylie" I replied "Well your Kylie from now on as far as I'm concerned". She seemed confused but left so that was effective and I only had 2 more diggers to go. I decided a dip in the water was in order to cool me off before I lost it. So I told the girls.. "I'm going in the water when I get back make sure this is flattened out". I left for the cool dip and they of course continued to dig.

I noticed from the water that my wife had shown up and she was letting some of the girls have it from the look on her face and how she was stomping around the canopy... I decided maybe I should head back and mitigate the destruction of the volcano. As I was walking up onto the beach the group decided that moving the canopy 12 feet closer to the ocean was the best solution. It was as it left the ugly mound in the back in broad daylight (Hot Sun) and the crowd of young misfits soon scattered. Leaving there shovels of course.

I'm thinking to myself now why does this place did not allow Alcohol???... I could use a beer or a shot right now. Well the day was fun and relaxing and I got to float for an hour or so in the soothing salt water. I need to find a way to do this more often.

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