Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Harry Bissett's

Second day in Athens and the client here is doing great. When I came onsite they were already documenting in the EMR. This was a great sign as I needed a break this week. I still have not gotten my results from the MRI I took Friday at Tower Lois and it's really bugging me. I keep calling the Dr and no MRI report. They can;t seem to figure out why. Amy keeps calling me to see if I have anything and again she seems more worried than me. I'm looking forward to a nice southern meal or some soul food tonight to forget my troubles with the spleen.

So I drive around for one and a half hours and not a single southern soul food restaurant was open again. Chondell's was closed. Wilson's food for the soul was closed... so was momma's kitchen and Peaches fine foods and a few other places. So I drove down town and looked for some excitement. As I walked the down town area I noticed how much this small town had to offer in the downtown area as far as restaurants.

I walked up to DePalma's and perused the menu. Looked like some good Italian dishes but I was looking for more creativity. So I walked down to the old stand by Harry Bisett's . HB is Athens version of New Orleans cuisine. I ate here last time I was in Athens.

I sat at the bar and noticed no daily specials that jumped out and screamed order me. So I went with the HB oyster sampler 6 Rockefeller and 6 Bienville oysters. They were pretty good but the spinach was a little dry and stringy and I did not notice any Pernod on the Rockefeller.... The Rockefeller at Florida Seafood in Cocoa beach were much better. They however did not compare at all to the Grilled Oysters appi at Drago's in New Orleans in the Hilton Riverside.

I figured the Chicken Rochambeau sounded like it was worth a try since there was no Red Fish or any other soft white meat grilled fish (grouper etc.) I could order with the crawfish etouffe ladled on top... (This is my Favorite but hard to find unless you are in Nawlins. ) Pat's of
Henderson in Lake Charles Louisiana has the best out side of Nawlins. I'll tell you about the best inside of Nawlins later this month.

So what is Chicken Rochambeau you ask? a Breast of chicken lightly breaded and fried and then served on grilled Ham with a Marchand de Vin sauce on top of the ham with the chicken on top of that and then Bearnaise over the top. I got the side of Jambalaya and the cucumber salad. The Jambalaya was good but could have been a little more on the spicy side. The cucumber salad was just Julienne cucumbers with red peppers, onions and carrots marinated in vinegar. could have used a little white balsamic and some salt pepper and a dash of hot sauce or Bruce's hot peppered vinegar to give it a little kick.

Parking is a real bummer in downtown Athens. I headed back to the Hotel and decided to blog a little .

The Hotel in Athens I'm staying at is the Hampton Inn. They are under renovation and the weird thing was how different the soda machines are from one floor to the next.

I'm on the 5th floor (top floor) I always try to stay on the top floor... I just like being higher I guess. This is also the no-smoking floor but the Soda machine would not take one dollar bills. The Sodas are .75 cents ... love college towns and the low prices but there is only Diet Pepsi on the 5th floor. Took the elevator to the 4th floor and the bill reader took my bill and promptly spit it back at me. So I rubbed it on the machine to get the creases out like I have seen other people do and it did not work. I noticed they had Diet Pepsi and Diet Mountain Dew in this machine... but no luck so down to the 3rd floor in my pajamas and flip flops to get my soda. Jackpot !! 3rd floor had a working bill reader and it took my bills rejected by the 4th and 5th floor machines... guess the 3rd floor is into high risk soda sales... the 3rd floor also had more diet soda.... Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Mountain dew. So I splurged and got a diet Mt Dew and a Diet Dr Pepper and hit the 5th floor for some heavy blogging and late night IMing of friends.

10:30 I fell asleep. My wife woke me at 12:00 and I talked for a little bit and then went back to sleep. Ding got an IM from a friend and IM'd with them from 12:30 till 1:50pm. Back to sleep again.

Hope I can find some Good Southern food tomorrow. Time is running out.

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