Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a long strange trip it's been!!

Man this past weekend was one big whirlwind. Queue the Grateful Dead Song Now...

I left Athens on Friday about 12:30PM and had "Plenty" of time to make it to ATL airport with my flight leaving at 3:oopm.

Of course the highways' and drivers of Atlanta had other things in mind. It took me till 2:00 to get to the Rental care drop off for Avis due to a traffic backup. I used to be smart enough to drive the rental to the bag drop and check my bag and THEN drop off the rental but I of course pick this day to forget that. I had the 3:00 flight going to RDU (Raleigh) to join Amy and the Ex-Misys crew for a Misys reunion weekend at Rudino's rooftop grill.

I get to the ATL curbside and find out the Airtran (Which is Latin for Airline of the Devil) does not allow you to curbside check a checked bag at 45 mins prior to the flight. OF course this is a drop dead time so even when I try at 44 mins prior to the flight it tells me no. I ask customer service what I should do. They recommend (In indiscernible English.... )I need to start booking a later flight... No friggin way I exclaim!! So I try the outside curb check but the little bastards have thought of everything and do not allow that either. Definitely the LAST time I fly this airline EVER....

So I re-book for a 5:00pm flight that gets me in at 6:30pm. Not too bad I can be fashionably late... (Which means I don't give a crap if I'm late in man speak).

So I proceed to the C concourse to catch my airplane of the devil spawn. If you have never been to the C concourse in Atlanta's airport it is the main concourse for Airtan. This must also mean it is the concourse for Non-drinkers/dull non-partiers as there is only one bar on the whole Damn concourse. It's buried behind the food court and is called Paschal's La Carousel Bar. Hmm a little goofy for me all those Carousel horses... I have been here before,.. I remember they Do NOT offer the double shot for $2.00 more so I set myself up for disappointment. I do remember the bar tenders Tim and Kirby... Both were working that day. Of course there is a huge line waiting to sit at the bar and I of course get the corner seat which was all that was left.

My neighbor next too me promptly adds anyone who sits on the corner buys a round. I reply. Dang looks like everyone has a full glass. He likes this as much as I do so we hit it off. Kirby is very busy filling drinks from the wait staff.... but takes time to pour a STIFF Jack and Coke and It's so strong I feel I'm at a club... I look over the menu and remember this place is run by the 2 Paschal brothers. Robert and Jim they made millions providing the catering services at the ATL airport. They have a Nawlins theme to their menu.

So it's the Gumbo and I'm very pleased. Granted gumbo at an airport bar is a risk but it was very good. Just the right amount of rice and nice dark muddy broth and crawfish with nice spicy andouille sausage slices. Added a little hot sauce and it was the Bomb.!! Not as good as The Sauce Boss from Tallahassee... but good. (Sauce Boss adds Chicken, Shrimp, Oysters , Okra and Zucchini... makes it much better.

Kirby is now just "flavoring" my drink with Diet Coke.

The guy to my left leaves so I move down opening the corner seat. A new guy sits down and we promptly pull the corner guy buys routine... He Laughs it off and I notice he is wearing a bomber jacket. Kinda odd since it is the summer and its hot and rainy.

I find out that Jayson is a Pilot for the Red Baron Flight Crew Sponsored by Schwan's Foods and they do flight shows at the Gasparilla parade in Tampa... (Small World). I of course ask Jayson if he can get me tickets to the Parade and he is confirming this. COOL!! He is also headed to RDU and is on my flight. IF you have ever been in an airport bar it's always a good feeling knowing other people next to you are on the same flight.

I'm joined on my right by a blond who looks VERY Familiar. Jayson and I end up talking to her and turns out her son and my son were on the same Baseball team 2 years ago. (Really small world now)

Jayson and I end up catching the flight to Raleigh ... which was 2 hours late. So I arrive at about 9:00. I make it to Rudino's after getting the Explorer Rental car from Avis. We have a great time and it's great seeing old friends. Checkout Amy's blog for details and pic's We stayed at the Embassy Suite's across from the Crabtree Mall. Where "The Crabby Daddy" Shops... I did The Limited Too and Justice to get plenty of Girl Stuff for my oldest Daughter's 11th Birthday coming up.

We had a GREAT bunch at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub in downtown Raleigh. Really nice and they have a Blood Mary Bar where you can make your own Bloody Mary. We were exhausted after all the fun and collapsed on the flight home. Really happy to be home for 24 hours before I head out to Corpus Christi.

Here is the pic of my pretty pink shopping bag from Limited Too....

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