Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Mountain Man Meals from The Dillard House

A Little Shaky but this is the Dillard House. The original Dillard house is next door. The Menu changes each day and is also seasonal. I had to purchase a cookbook of course and then decided , the Hot Chow-Chow, Peanut brittle, and Vidalia Onion Relish were must haves as well. This stuff is hard to find back home. Vidalia onions are grown in Vidalia Georgia and are a large sweet white onion great for cooking and making Relish and preserves. Prissy's of Vidalia has some great products. Try the pickled Asparagus in a bloody mary. Man that's some good munchin right there now.... Next week I'm in Nawlins and will report back on the tasty Spicy Hot Pickled Green Beans they put in the Bloody Mary's down in NOWLA like Drago's. Look for the pictures and the postings.
Right now with the end of summer we are still in the fresh veggies season so lots of nice sun ripened tomatoes, corn, squash,
To Quote John Dillard... "We plan menus on a seasonal basis as best Southern cooks have always done. For examples in spring and summer you will find fresh tomatoes, half-runner beans, squash, fried okra, cantaloupe, and fried chicken. In the fall you'll find turnip greens, collards, rutabagas, fried cabbage, and turnips." John Dillard General Manager of the Dillard House.

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Wendy said...

For other great Vidalia Onion products, go to, and check out the list of companies under "Buy Vidalia Products." There are some great ones, including my personal favorite, Vidalia Onion and Summer Tomato Salad Dressing.

W. Brannen
Executive Director
Vidalia Onion Committee