Monday, September 24, 2007

Throw my Brain in a hurricane

The title is from a John Prine song and sums up the crazyness that is going on now in Mine and Amy's weekend. The specific song being Please don't bury me. Now if I can just get someone to sing this at my funeral in about 60 years.... when I'm 105...

Amy had a Kidney Stone removed and is recuperating at home... (for now). I would like to thank Airtran for getting off the airline of the devil list. They were able to get me on standby with a checked bag on the 7:11 pm flight from Atlanta to TPA this past Friday rather than wait on my 10:20pm flight. I got to TPA and saw my bag come out on the luggage carousel adn was very impressed that I could check a bag with 2 standby reservations and make my first one and still get my bag on the correct plane.

Saturday started bright and early as Katie had a softball game in the morning and it's about an hour drive south. They did well and she has some new girls on her team who are learning. I took the time after her Game to go get my oil changed at Mobil and put 6 new quarts of Mobil 1 into the expedition. It also got a much needed wash and the sky promptly started pouring down 30 mins after my car wash. I ran Morgan back to the House and she got ready for cheer and then I drove her to cheer and worked on the free wireless a the gym and completed my expenses reports from last. week. After the practice was over at 4:30 I took Morgan to Katie's Birthday party that was in full swing by 5:00pm. I took her and 7 girlfriends to Gelee Beans for a two hour salon visit. Gelee Beans is a kids salon where they can host partied and do manicures and hair designed for the girls. The girls all got different designs for their nails and hair and had a great time. They were having fun... so after paying the tab I headed to Michael's baseball game. He did well but with Winterball they do not keep score... so it's hard to tell who is winning. After the ball game I went to Little Caesar's with Chris and got pizza;s for the girls sleep over. The birthday party all went back to Dana's for a pizza and sleepover Saturday night and I took the boys back to my house for the night.

The boys got a night out at Los Vallartas for dinner Saturday night and we were able to get caught up on the guy stuff.

We got up early Sunday and took doughnuts to the girls and then Michael and I got into our Cub scout uniforms and sold Popcorn in front of Port City Java in. I'm the Den leader for our cub scout den in and the boys all did a great job from 10-noon selling to the walk in traffic. I had 3 of 4 boys on site which was great participation. The 4 boys in our den are very active. I will miss them tonight but they are in good hands for the den meeting with Mrs Gail doing den duties tonight. After the popcorn sales we took the booth back to our pack popcorn sales coordinators house and I got Morgan and Chris and Michael and headed back to my house. I dropped off Morgan and took the boys to Wildwood which is about an hour north to play golf with my dad and Matt.

It rained quite a bit on the way up and we listened to Tampa Bay Buccaneers take apart the St Louis Rams on the way up. We were able to get in 7 holes of golf before the rain came in and it was no longer fun. Bummer because i was only 2 over and hitting the ball well for someone who has not played golf in over 3 months with no practice.

I took the boys back to Dana's and noticed I had traveled over 500 miles and used 2 tanks of gas this weekend. Whew when do I get to go to work???

I did my laundry from last week and packed for this week. Did some grocery shopping for lunches next week and Morgan helped me assemble the next weeks lunches so it will be easy to just grab the pre-packed lunches and head to the bus stop. I also printed my expense report and packed it in the pre-mailer envelope to send to Cary. I drop these off at the airport Post office next to the Tampa airport. The airport is the only local post office that's open 24/7 365... They are never close. I'm still amazed at how many people are up at 5:30am and at the post office at the airport. My reports got to Cary in one day from this post office versus 3-4 from my post office next to my house. Took the trash out and did some house keeping for the cats.

So I'm now at the greatest airport in the world (TPA) adding to my blog. They have FREE wireless here and plenty of power outlets to charge all my stuff. I have downloaded 10 new songs form Itunes with my Avis free downloads. Avis sends you a code for 5 free downloads for every 2 day rental you have with them . They send 10 for a weekly rental. I'm heading to New Orleans this morning and got up at 5:00am to head to the airport.

Should be a fun week as there is lots to do and see and many nice restaurants to report back on.

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