Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crossing my mappings

Holy cow you forget how much work is involved in mapping a Lab interface. I think I'm seeing double now that we finally have the process down. The Lab group has some work ahead but we are getting the mapping completed and the Dr will be able to get his labs sent over.

The task is always a little more difficult than you expect. We had to not only make sure the panel had numbers that matched but that they were in the correct order with the correct number of line items. They also are getting the demo and charges interface to the PM system so that will help later in the month to eliminate duplicate keying.

We had lunch in today but it was again from the Thai restaurant. Man that is a great spot to eat if you are ever in DeRidder. Thai Basil is the name of the place and it's a family run establishment.

Great service and they can make many tasty things off the menu as well. The Stagecoach inn was the only real hotel as a choice. They charge $60.00 p-er night and had a free breakfast. I had mainly bananas and yogurt but he pays out a nice spread if you wanted more. Not use to paying less than $100.00 per night now that the hotel prices are so high.

Wal-Mart has no Nintendo Wii's anywhere to be seen. I have checked at a few places and no such luck. I think I;m going to hit Dell for the Presents later this week they came out with another EPPS coupon but it's for higher priced laptops. Might wait till after Dec 6th... not sure.

The ride here to LaPlace was long and tiring last night. I left the practice about 7:30 or so got gas from Wal-Mart and checked once more for a Wii and then headed to LaPlace. It was about a 3.5 hour drive. I stopped at a Wal-Mart in Moss Bluff and no such luck on Wii's he said Lake Charles was out too.

I hit Pat's of Henderson for one final meal. I had the Grilled Red fish with Crawfish Etouffee on top. Man it was good. The Stuffed potato looked over cooked so I saved the calories.

I-10 was low volume so I made good time hanging around 75-80 mph. I saw 5 or 6 troopers so it paid to stay under 15 over. I got VERY tired after about 2 hours and had 70 miles left and I was getting sleepy and noticed some times I was doing 80-85 so I stopped at a Luv's to get some Caffeine and an energy drink . I bought a Starbucks double shot light, a large Starbucks frappaccino in the bottle and a Full Throttle Blue Daemon. I down the double shot and then hit the large frappaccino. I felt much better and refreshed ... I decided I may still need the Full Throttle so I popped it and drank about 2/3. I was up for good after that. I made it to the hotel and had to put up with the rude front desk lady. Man I felt like I was getting a loan she was asking me all of these questions. She asked me what company I worked for and I was tired and not in the mood and did not want any more of her crap so I replied. "It's on the Card" I felt bad but she deserved it.

I got to the room and of course could not get to sleep so I logged online and did some work on my flights and directions to the airport and read emails etc. It was too late to call Amy.. or so I thought she later told me she was up till 2:30am.

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