Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Homer Simpson Day

I'm definitely missing the laptop. I found out it took more than today to get virtual machine installed. The "Company Policy" is that we don't ship for Saturday delivery, and we don't ship laptops without signature required. So now to save $20.00, I'm going to sit idle all day Monday and not be billable at $180.00 per hour. This in order to save 15 mins of my billable time, on shipping costs. Not sure who is making that decision.

Anyway life gets better. I left my client in Lake Charles after a GREAT visit. I run into a shut down of I-10 to New Orleans about 70 miles into my trip. They just dump you onto a road with no explanation and no signs for a detour. So I follow the traffic and eventual we get on this small surface road with 4 lanes. Turns out we go 20 miles north to route 192 and then head east to Baton Rouge. I think there was a fire on I-10 and they had to shut it down. This takes a while as all traffic from I-10 is now on this small road... Large 18 wheelers and all.

I have to endure about 70 miles of this through small towns where the stop lights are still set to change to regular traffic patterns. So I have to sit sometimes for 5 light changes or more to get through one light.

I decide to stop and eat at an Outback on the way since the plans for a nice dinner in New Orleans are shot now. I stop and have THE WORST server Outback has ever given a staff shirt and name tag to. She was horrible. No silverware when the food arrived ... did not know the menu... never refilled my drink unless I asked, rang up my meal wrong... Blah Blah Blah.... you get the picture. So I'm walking to my car and realize at that moment I have left my Briefcase at my clients office back in Lake Charles. It's now 10:15pm and my keys to my truck in Tampa airports parking deck are in that bag. CRAP!!. I call the Dr and get his cell phone voicemail. I call the office and leave a message on their answering machinw. I guess the only thing now is to get them to UPS or FedEx my keys and a few other items and then come back in few weeks on my return trip to this area and retrieve it.

Oh Well... Insert a loud Homer Simpson DOH!!

I'm really bushed now and got to the Hotel in New Orleans late and checked in.. All I feel like doing is blogging and then it's straight to bed. It's now 11:18pm so I need to get to bed in order to get up and be on site by 8:00am. I printed my boarding pass and got an A group.. thanks Southwest...!!

Oh well things can only get better tomorrow.... Later yall.

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