Monday, November 5, 2007

The Gorge and I'm Stuffed

The Crabby Daddy hits the Dillard house again. I'm in North Georgia and what better time to hit the Dillard House than tonight.
I'm working with an OB/GYN group here to get them up and running on their EMR software to keep their medical records on Computer rather then paper charts. This project will run till February. So I have at least 2 more visits to this area, one later this year and one early next year.
The Dillard House was great as always. Although I was finding the green beans a little lacking compared to Miss Ruth's recipe.

Here are a few pictures of the Menu, the spread they laid out on the table and a few sightseeing pics to boot... No pun intended on the boot comments. As usual most of the food ended up going home in a few to go containers.

On the way in Tallulah Falls I stopped to take a look at the gorge. There is a little Tourist store that has a nice view of the gourge from their observation deck. They had some unique potter/ashtrays made out of concrete. Cowboy boots and cider thought it was a neat picture.
I also got pics of the Menu from Dillard house for Moday night as well as the Sign from Athens Y camp where my kids go to summer camp.

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