Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Training and Scanning

Today was a full day of training again. I taught the OB groups staff how to scan the old charts into the system and how to enter pertinent past medical history to get ready for our December Go-Live on the new software. Everyone took to the system very well and they had well over 20 charts completed by the time I left.

Dinner was a local Mexican restaurant. It was surprising when I looked at the menu for El Campesino in Cornelia Ga and noticed the EXACT same menu items with the exact same numbers from my local Mexican Restaurant in Tampa. Los Vallartas has a combo 20 that is a Taco, Chile Relleno and Burrito and El Campesino had the exact same number 20 menu item. Fabian the manager of the restaurant in Tampa used to live in Georgia prior to coming to Tampa. I'm going to ask him next time I see him if he knows the guys in Cornelia.

This is just too much of a coincidence. The Internet at the Hampton Inn was down all this week and it was excruciatingly hard to get my work and blogging done. Looking forward to getting to Athens, Ga tonight and hoping they have a better Internet connection. I was up till 2:30AM Sunday and Monday night. When the Internet went out last night I just shut down the laptop and went to bed at 11:00.

Today I'm headed to Gainesville GA to work with an Arthritis practice to get them started on the EMR install.

I think my next trip here I will stay at the Holiday Inn express. It's currently 33 degrees outside. Brrr get me back to Tampa. I'm waiting until Athens this afternoon to do my couch to 5k running.

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