Thursday, November 8, 2007

UGA (Uh-gah) Rules Athens Georgia

UGA is this little mascot which I find quite ugly... (Sorry Georgia Fans). He definitely has found a home in Athens GA. Not sure how many of them there have been but you can check it out and tell me if you have time to waste.
This one carved from wood is in the Lobby of the Athens Hampton Inn.

He is on Car magnets, drug reps lapel pins, nurses scrubs, pens, key chains, signs, statues, larger than life fiberglass figurines, bronze statues, street signs, mailboxes, windshield sun shades, stickers, pictures, autographed pictures, blankets, afghans, throw rugs, coke cans, hats, shirts, underwear, t-shirts, Light switch covers, Georgia Fan parking only signs, barstools, neckties, ear rings, flags, posters, board games, dress shirts, golf shirts, golf bags, golf socks, sunglasses, tattoos, temporary tattoos, sweaters, hair bands, wallets, belts, and I'm sure hundreds of crazy things I have yet to run across in Athens but I'm sure I will "run into him" 20 more times before I leave tomorrow for the mad dash to ATL to catch my flight to Tampa.

I'm sure many college football crazed towns across America are just as bad.. There is just something about how an SEC town kicks it up... not just a notch.... but a far as you can go without tossing your cookies.

Now Knoxville is just as bad.. right Amy? :-) I just forget how wild and crazy and obsessed people can get over their mascot of choice. It just seems the longer it goes on the more crazy fans get. These Large Fiberglass statues are all over Athens.

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Allison Weaver said...

My mother is a Department Chair in an organization called the Athens-Oconee Junior Women's Club, who were involved with the "larger than life fiberglass figurines". The club is an organization that raises money for charity, and the bulldogs did just that. Each bulldog costs several thousand dollars a year to keep. The money goes to the club, who distributes it to charity. Each bulldog was painted by a local artist, to fit the location the bulldog was being placed in. The bulldogs were sold in an auction. The bulldogs benefited the following charities: ENSAT Center at Sandy Creek Nature Center, Georgia 4-H, Aids Coalition of North East Georgia, Extra Special People, Hope Haven, Canine Companions for Independence, Make a Wish Foundation, Operation Smile, Bike Helmets for all Kids program, and Tallulah Falls School. The auction raised over $72,000. Additionally, small versions of the bulldogs can be purchased for around $30 around Athens.
While you may find the mascot quite ugly, these particular statues of him have helped a lot of people, and have been a great addition to Athens, Georgia.