Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Small Town Louisiana

I'm in DeRidder Louisiana this week. The Practice I'm working with is pretty awesome. The staff are great and the nurses are really smart. The Dr never ceases to amaze me. He is an internist with certifications in just about everything.

In addition to internal medicine he is also and Opthalmologist. So he does normal vision tests etc as well as more advanced eye laser surgery. He also has a full Lab that services not only his patients but all the Dr's in town as well. He has a sleep study room with 2 beds to perform sleep studies. He also has a nuclear camera to do adenosine and persantine stress tests prior to imaging the heart. Most of his patients are not able to run on the treadmill prior to the imaging so he ends up doing mostly adenosine stress tests. He has the normal X-Ray, and bone density tests but he also performs bone marrow biopsies as well as Lumbar and cervical epidurals. The list keeps going on and on I'm amazed. They are like a mini - ER.

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