Friday, November 23, 2007

Shopping Vegas Style

We toured the Casinos and shopped the malls today. The Ballagio, Venetian and the Wynn were on the agenda today.

We took lots of pictures. The shopping was confined to the Venetian Shoppes for myself and Amy. Grams charged onward and did the Mall too while we got Oxygen.

The Venetian has a booth in the mall that is an oxygen bar. You can sit for 5 mins and get a stream of oxygen that has 4 different aromas added. This is to lift your spirits and provide energy. Amy, Mark, Deborah and myself all sat and had a session.

Unfortunately it took over 30 mins to get a stool and much tension and crabbiness was emitted by me when we had a few line intrusions... Let's say their workflow was not up to par on getting a place in line.

It was very relaxing with a nice eucalyptus scent to rub on your palms and inhale as you inhale the other 4 scents. They attach a calendula to your nasal passages. (Shovesd in your nose like a geezer

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