Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fred Clause Delivers a Double

Great day of kid time and lots of fun with everyone. Started at 8:00am and we were in Brandon within 45 mins. I even convinced the boys to eat bagels so we could skip the stop at Mickey D's. I'm trying to stay away from fast food when possible.

I fell on the floor when they both said OK!.. We got to watch Katie's softball game. She had a great day and her team won. She had a great hit between second and Short and it went into the out field. She scored a few times and had a few plays where she threw out the hitter running to first on her fielding. We had snack for the team today so Michael and Chris went with me to Sweetbay's to get a cool snack since we were the cool parents.

We decided on 3 ft Fruit roll ups and Gatorade (Red and Blue). And Slim Jim's for the adults. I jokingly said, in my best southern redneck accent... "We got some slim Jim's... Powk rhyns... and Yoo-Hoos" ... That was a friggin hoot. I cracked myself up with that.

We headed to the Movie theater after the game and a quick change of clothes. The Movie was GREAT. I highly recommend Fred Clause. Its the best Christmas spirit movie I have seen in a few years. It even has funny Elves in it. We all know everyone loves funny Elves now ... come on.... Willie is a hoot. Esp when he smooches Charlene in the last part. I still think the song where the elves were all dancing with Fred in the workshop and it was like a concert atmosphere and Fred's up on stage dancing with some elves and he just grabbed one by the belt in the small of the back and tossed him head over heels cartwheeling through the crowd and they caught him like a mosh-pit and passed him around on their upraised arms.

The Group all headed to the ball field after that and watched Michael's game at 4:30. It was a NICE Day. These awesome days you just love to be in Florida. Beautiful Blue sky with hardly a cloud and the Sun was nice and bright and the Temp went from 54 to 68 in just a few hours this morning. I was comfortable in a T-Shirt and Shorts all day. It was funny to see how thinned blooded these Florida people are. I think my frequent trips to cold weather are getting me acclimated sooner to the drops in Temp. It was down in the 30's in The Georgia Area this week. Definitely a day you are glad you decided to move to Florida all those years ago back in 1989.

Michael had a great game he played catcher 2 innings. He was called in to finished off the last batter in the second inning from his short stop position. And he pitched the final inning. He only gave up one run in his inning....and he fielded the first hitter in the inning on the first pitch from Michael. With that out the other coach gave a look like... This is going to be a tough inning.

Michael then struck out the second batter and there were a few walks and hits and then Michael ended the game with a second strike out for the third out. He got two doubles and a walk on three at bats.. And one kid on his team got an inside the park home run. Michael even had a great tag at the home plate when he was catching. There was an over throw by the pitcher and he got the rebound off the backstop fence and he rushed up the thirdbase side and dove at the runner as he was nearing home plate. Michael made the out when he lunged and tackled the kid before home plate. He made the play on the third base side Like I had been telling him for a few weeks now. It was something to see he seems to be more willing to give up the body on the play more now this year. IT makes watching more fun now., Too bad next Saturday is the last game.

We all went to Olde Towne Pizza and had a great meal and enjoyed the pizza rolls with mozzarella and marinara sauce and then some nice hot extra large pizzas. Amy had somw flex points left over rfor the weeka nd I had not had Pizza in over 3 weeks I think neither had Amy so we figured what better way to use up the flex points. Man it was good but I'm going to have to run tomorrow to compensate.

We are now home watching the Florida South carolina Game and flipping between that and the UVA Miami game and the Oklahoma State and Kansas Game. I turned on the Hawaii SanJose State game and Colt Brennan was tearing it up again...

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