Monday, November 19, 2007

Waiting in Vain

This Morning I waited till 11:32am to get my laptop. So FedEx is now know as the ... " When it's absolutely positively has to get there overnight but later than we promised" company. We had even checked the 10:30am delivery time.

The Laptop was a little faster. evidently I was infected with spyware. Ooops.. Forgot to run spybot search and destroy since like April I guess.

I was wondering why it took so long to boot up. I got upgraded to IE 7.0 finally also. I now have all my favorites and auto settings in the process of getting entered again. bummer. I saw the post office delivered my expense report and another item I had mailed to my home office in these pre-stmaped pouches to my home for some stupid reason. DOH. Guess the post office sucks again. I sent them UPS to the home office today so they would get there. Maybe UPS needs to give an in service to FedEx and the USPS..??

Found out my Dr does not give a rats rear end about calling in scripts for you. I have been to the Dr a ton these past few weeks and I needed a maint drug refilled and the pharmacy had let me know the 3 mo script had expired. I called the Dr and let them know My script had expired. She had this smart alec reply of... "Well I guess u need and appointment huh?"

I replied nah not really if you check my chart you will see the Dr wrote me a refill and I had it on file at the pharamacy and they list it so I just need you to call it in for me. She gave me some stupid answer about how she will check on it for me and placed me on hold. I can't stand Dr's who write scripts on 3 months at a time so they can guaruntee office visits every 3 months. He better be doing some fasting labs and I'm going to get my money's worht out of him if I go every three months. He will be giving me x6 and x12 refills before long... :-)

When she came back she had a much different tone... I love these $7.00 an hour power trippers that only turn away business at these Dr offices. Give a High school flunky a little assumed power and they go nuts.... huh?

It finally got straightened out but it did not reach the pharmacy in time to get it when I stopped by it was still not called in. Guess that's why it pays to be in the biz so to speak and get samples of what you need in times like these... Take that you flaky receptionist... I was nice I found out a long time ago you get more with sugar than with vinegar.

A wier thing did happen today. When I left the UPS store I was waiting for a car to pass and she stopped and motioned me on. I nodded no that's ok... and waived her to go on. She waived me on so I stepped off the curb and started crossing and half way across the lot she revved her car and drove behind me. What a complete idiot! I was so mad I turned and yelled... You need to wait for me to cross Lady... Make up your mind you dork! I was so livid I'm glad I had a few seconds to calm down or I may have chased her down and caused a road rage incident. I was tempted to flatten her tire while she was in Publix but I was in a hurry and I did not want to appear on page 10 of the Laker next week. "Cubscout Denleader causes road rage incident on illegal immigrant housewife shopping for Thanksgiving Turkey" Just my luck it would twist into me being the bad guy.

I ran down to scouts tonight and we continued work on the Forester achievement pin. I had an ice cream party for the boys since they have worked so hard an got dissed by the pack meeting on the raffle tickets. They loved it. I even had an inactive kid show up tonight. He had been playing Volleyball and the games were on Monday night. So I'm glad we are back up to 5 now. Plus siblings makes 7 boys.

Well off to Jacksonville tomorrow so I'm heading to bed early.

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