Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

We hit the Southwest Trail and Flew to Las Vegas Today. We had a nice flight and the flight attendant made it fun with a few trivia games.

They were asking sports trivia for a few of them and I was too busy wearing my noise canceling headphones to get teh first few questions.

Once I took off the headphones Amy let me know it was for free drinks so I buckled down and took it seriously. The first question was which NFL team has no logo on their Helmet. I knew it was Cleveland Browns but did not get my Flight attendant call button on first. The next few were difficult but we finally got one that sounded like we could answer it.

"What year did Coca-Cola Come out with the TV commercial I'd like to buy the world a coke?" We guessed 1976... Nope, So Then I guessed down... 75, no , 74, no ,73 no, 72 no, 70 no, Arrrrgghhh... Then 71? Yes...!! Woo Hoo. The Same year my wife was Born. It was also her birthday so the whole plane sang happy birthday and we got free drinks. Morgan webkinz got a hold of my Bacardi... Picture posted is When webkinz go bad.

We took a taxi to the Mirage and met the parents and had some fun taking in the Casino.

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