Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To Jax and Back

This morning started at 4:00am with a quick morning routine and then jumped in the truck and headed north for Jacksonville, FL. I ended up taking I-75 to I-10 since it was so foggy and I got to Gainesville about 6:15 which would mean morning traffic in g-ville. I prefer to take the "Long way" when the weather is inclement rather than risk getting stuck on the short cut through Starke and Waldo. I got to JAX at 8:15 even with some traffic and stopping in G-Ville for breakfast. 3 hours and 15 mins is pretty good.

The group I'm working with today has been live since August. They have struggled a little and I feel we made a ton of progress today. I taught one of the DR's how to create a really nice Chief Complaint and we cleaned up a few forms and streamlined some workflow processes. I have a little work to do over the next few weeks to get them going towards great.

The ride home was uneventful but I was glad I had XM radio to listen to CNN Headline News and Fox News. Got to listen to Glenn Beck and Britt Hume. Laura Ingram was substituting for Bill O'Reilly. She had some heated discussions.

Th kids finished the Christmas lists. Woo Hoo! They are getting older and it's hard to shop for them now. Michael and Katie want Laptops so I'm trying to get a few people to chip in and get one for each. They really miss their old desktops that died 2 years ago. I know my life will get easier with them not hogging my laptop for a change.

Packing for Vegas. We leave late Wednesday and come back Sunday. Thanks Grams and Papa for such a great suggestion. I have been to Vegas airport many times but I have never been to the City itself. Amy wants to make sure I ride the Roller Coaster with her on top of New York New York. We are staying at the Mirage. Wish me luck. I practice on my Roulette last week when I stayed at the Isle of Capri. i did pretty good. I played for 2 hours and was up $20.00 at the end of the evening.

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