Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Go-Live in DeRidder

Today was go-live day. I spent most of today working with the nurses and the Dr to get the patients scheduled, seen on time. The clinical group did very well. One thing that is hard to forget is that there are not many breaks in the work flow here. If the Dr wants an X-ray it's done on site. If he wants stat labs they are done next door. Sleep study ... no problem... Nuclear study... Yep got that too.

There is not much time to rest between patients. We did get the Lab interface people talking finally so we should have the interface done after we complete the cross mapping.

I jogged last night at the Hotel. It felt great but was kinda weird running in circles around the Stagecoach inn.

We got a lot of customization done but there is still a lot to complete. When we came back from lunch the power was out. The whole EMR was down and there were a few workstations that came back up quick. I finally traced it to a switch that was under the front desk. It did not power up after the power outage. I cycled power to it and it came right up.

I let the Dr and staff know we should probably get the Modem, Switch and firewall on a battery backup to keep it from going down during a brown out. They had one there in about 2 minutes. I have spent a lot of time getting the hardware running at this location more so than any other client...

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