Saturday, November 17, 2007

The End of a Season

The kids had their final games of the season today. I spent most of the AM waiting for a package to arrive. Amy was going to give me a ride when the Delivery Van pulled up at 11:00 and dropped of my keys. She took me to the airport and I got my truck and drove to The game. Yeah !! I got my wheels back.

The kids were ddefinitely worn out and you could tell they were ready for the game to end. After the game everyone had pizza and I was surprised that I was able to keep it to one slice.

Came back home and worked on the garage. Amy sold her Washer and Dryer so we had a nice big hole to fill with all our other garage stuff.

I went to Home Depot. (First time in over 2 months) and bought 2 of those workforce 18 inch shelves and installed them moved a few things around and cleaned the coolers and took the time to clean my white mail box. The neighborhood has these white mail boxes that mold over time and the home owners association will send you a letter if it gets too moldy.

I cleaned mine and the neighbors on my right and left last night. Wonder if they will even notice?

I'm getting up tomorrow to run the first week 3 run for couch to 5k. Should be interesting.

Amy let me know she was over the vegetable soup phase. :-) I think the last pot has lasted a week now and I'm still hitting it strong every chance I get. I had some Today for breakfast. The last recipe made filled a 20 quart stock pot. So I estimate at least 20 servings came from it we have about 5 left. Yum.

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